Review: The Private Report on my Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

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Hello! This series has been finished for a while, but it only started getting translated recently. It’s an autobiographical manga about the author Nagata Kabi, detailing her long and tedious struggle with mental illness in Japan, a place where mental illness is often looked at with one eye closed. It’s real, it’s harrowing, and a piece of you will die while reading it.

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Review: Billy Bat



Yo what up guys! Billy Bat ended recently, so here’s the review. Billy Bat is an elaborate mystery-thriller by the legendary Naoki Urasawa, the man responsible for masterpieces such as 20th Century Boys, Pluto, and Monster.

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Tribute to Kochikame


Kochikame (Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo) recently ended after 40 years of serialization in Shonen Jump. Kochikame, a gag manga about a policeman who does absolutely no real police work, was loved by salary men and children alike, and garnered quite a large following. It was the inspiration for many modern manga artists/authors, and its departure from publication resulted in artistic tributes from a plethora of different mangakas. I’ve made a compilation of the tributes:

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Update on our current situation


I’m Hobohutter btw if you don’t recognize me, I changed it to this because I like this name more. Props to anyone who figures out where it’s from:D

So this is just a simple update, I realize that YuukeiYesterday posted something about working on “fanfiction” and yes we are going to do that. He is going to be the primary translator therefore this might end up taking a while but I think that we are actually going to be the only ones working on the KonoSuba translation.

YuukeiYesterday has a new account as he mentioned in his previous post called yuNS and he currently working another blog hosted by Sky I think.

Either way yuNS is starting a new blog that is specific to translations, being light novels, anime episodes, previews, drama CDs, etc.

On the other, all this talk with them has realized how much I miss this blog and I’m probably gonna start posting again. The thing is though since our tolerance for anime has gotten higher, we typically end up dropping a lot more things now so reviews are going to be very few. On the other hand there should be a lot more First Impressions and those should be coming out soon given the new season is starting. Reviews for the shows that I actually finished watching this season should also be coming out soon.

These might still come out relatively slowly because I do have to do a bit of studying and so far it doesn’t seem like anyone else is going to be helping me with this blog anymore:D

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Are we dead?

Hey everyone~

YuukeiYesterday here with a status update, if you’re still following then you’ve probably noticed that this blog really hasn’t done anything in a long long time. Currently, the members of this blog plan to start a translation/”fanfiction” blog (fanfictions in fan “renditions” of fictional works (or not-so-legal but oh well~ stuff)). If you want to follow my current work “Gifting this wonderful world with blessings!” and its derivative work “Consulting with this masked devil!”, visit (my translation name is yuNS). Since the site will stop writing “fanfiction” once volume 9 is completed, further volumes will be translated on a separate blog. Please look forward to it.