First Impression: Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka??


Well, here we are with another season. Totes not like a season passed by on this site with nothing happening. Totes.

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First Impression: Rokka no Yuusha


So, this first impression is ridiculously late because I actually just watched the first 5 episodes last night for multiple reasons.

  1. I was bored
  2. It caught my eye in the Horriblesubs Disqus and I thought I might as well give it a try.

I was so bored I started and finished a book within 48 hours. To put into context, other than the books school assigns us to read for English class. I haven’t finished a book in 1-2 years (did I even finish my school books? (no…)).

So… now that my rant is over, ON TO MY FIRST IMPRESSION OF THIS SHOW!

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First Impression: God Eater


ufotable hype?

Even in my socially disconnected life, this is the impression I got from the small amount of people I do listen to and look at on the internet. The hype was justified, leaving a very good impression of the studio with Unlimited Blade Works.

Despite the story falling off nearing the end of the show (of UBW), that isn’t really the animator’s fault and the second last episode was also animated beautifully.

Needless to say, the show left everybody expecting big things from God Eater, did they get it?

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First Impression: GATE

001-db6bkk You remember the time when you would daydream about living back in the day, when swords and bows were still used. Imagining yourself to be a top fighter, mowing down people left and right, riding dragons and dominating the skies?


Just me?

Well okay then…

This anime really just shows how ridiculously powerful modern weapons have become, showcasing the dominance the Japanese have over the other country. Given that I’ve read the manga, there probably will be small SPOILERS here and there throughout this First Impression (The OP for the anime will have more spoilers than this). Despite the anime coming out now, I still recommend the manga, might as well read it. What better things do you have to do anyways

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