Wow… after about a year and 3 months, we’ve reached 100 followers, to some that may seem slow, and others pretty fast. This is my first (and only, probably ever) blog and I have nothing to compare it to.

Thank you to all those who have followed (and supported) us over this amount of time. We don’t actually get anything from having 100 people follow us, but it’s a milestone that we have achieved.

I’m not too sure whether or not the followers are people who just follow a lot of things, or if you are actually dedicated members who come back and check the things that we post (though scarce). I hope you will continue with us in the future.

(this post is pretty cheesy, but eh, what else could I say)

Rant: Stupid STUCO is Stupid

2015-05-09 16_11_31-The World God Only Knows - 10 - VLC media player

Yes, cute picture is cute! (picture must be larger for reasons)

So, this post is definitely not about the STUCO at my school, or any other student government system thing that might exist. I was relaxing from actually studying and decided to watch this weeks Yahari (Oregairu is the proper short name).

This is basically a review of the second half of the show.

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Random: About Feet and Knee socks


Well since we had to write something for graduation pages, and it said “Be creative” and “Don’t talk about inappropriate items”, I chose something creative that did not impinge upon the rules. Also this is a bit of a homage to Ex-rori-now-FFF-and-others-translator fotc’s posts. Sadly I cannot write well enough to capture his style or his most glorious posts, but I can at least try.

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