How to write: Anime Review

This is a basic outline for how to write an Anime Review for this Blog.


Things that might/should be included:

General Overview of the Anime – This is a basic introduction that goes before the “Read More” tag. Essentially it describes what kind of people would enjoy this. Try not to put too much info here.

Discussion of Characters – This is a description of important characters and how they are designed. General lables such as “tsundere” can be used. If the anime is a slice of life, focus more on this than the plot.

Discussion of Story – This is a description of how the story is, the depth of plot, resolution of conflicts, progression and so forth. For slice-of-life animes like Lucky Star, this may be hard to do. Instead focus on how the story arcs flow and how comedy develops, or more on the characters.

Discussion of Music/OP/ED – Doesn’t have to be much, but at least mention if you enjoyed it or not.

Discussion of Animation – This is how smooth the animations are, as well as general art quality in comparison to other works. Doesn’t have to be an artistic discussion of whether it is good enough, just something about the quality.

Entertainment Value – Something that we might include, showing how much WE enjoyed it, regardless of how good/bad it was. Might be helpful for people to judge whether they will enjoy it, rather than on how well made the anime is.

Conclusion – A general score/statment, and your opinion of how much you enjoyed it and possible recommendations.



Share your thoughts.

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