Katsudon! is the blog created specifically for use to express our views. On this blog you will find reviews of animes, manga and the season overall as well as any other Japanese medium related rants/comments that we have made. Enjoy, and comment on whatever you wish. Also please keep in mind that whatever is posted on here may spoil the content that it talks about. Please read at your own discretion.

Current Members:

Sceptiledenial – Manga Reviewer, Anime Reviewer, First Impressionist

Mich6575 – General manager, Anime Reviewer, First Impressionist, Ranter

Hobohutter – Anime Reviewer, First Impressionist, Ranter, Light Novel Formatter

YuukeiYesterday – Anime Reviewer, Light Novel Reviewer, Translator,

Forhago – Anime Reviewer

Soarance – Mainstream Anime Reviewer

Ayaxy – A scrub that we enlightened by showing him the glory of anime. Anime Reviewer


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Katsudon is so good! The rice bowl, too….

    I wanted to ask if we could exchange links. I have an anime, manga, and Japan-related blog called Jade’s Escape.


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