Review: Flying Witch


Another delayed review, as I further delay more reviews of this season, but while  I’m out I thought i should write something anyways and can’t catch up to anime.

This was another show last season that I enjoyed watching a lot, but not entirely for the same reasons as the others.


Made by J.C. Staff, this anime was well funded and is what i consider to be one of the ultimate slice of life anime’s.

There honestly isn’t that much to say about this anime due to the nature of it. But i’m going to give it my best shot anyways.

This anime starts off with a relaxing atmosphere. A girl meets her relatives in traditional style house in the relaxing countryside. We later find out that she is a very relaxed witch in training, and then commences the relaxed daily life of this witch and the folktales that come along with it.


As some of you may have realized, I had used the word “relaxed” or variations of it excessively in that short paragraph. This is because it is an extremely relaxing show, where nothing important or completely ridiculous ever happens. It was a calm show, just showing what witches in their universe do, and the pleasant interactions that occur within the household.

The animation was solid, nothing impressive but nothing important was out of line either. The style itself was very typical, and the settings and background were drawn well. If I were too be extremely picky though, there is a single fraction of a second animation in the OP that felt off as the witch flies across the screen with her broom. But honestly, that’s it.

The OST was also rather simple, as all they needed to do was fill that relaxing atmosphere. Luckily, they didn’t do anything that was detrimental to the show.

As I said above, the story is calming, the animation is simple and the OST was fitting. Despite the fact that going from that it doesn’t sound like an impressive show, the reason why I could enjoy it so much was knowing that I could open the file, and sit back and just watch a simple show for 20 minutes. The interactions are pleasant and fluffy (most of the time), going through a very simple daily life with the little twist that she’s a witch. All this while having regularly sized characters.

I would recommend this to those who enjoy the simple interactions of slice of life (not specifically the gags that come out of some of the more famous ones), and those who simply want a fluffy and calming show that is enjoyable without having to think much (or at all…)

P.S. – Read Mich’s comment in the comment selection below, my skills and plvl were not high enough to capture why this show is the ultimate slice of life.








One thought on “Review: Flying Witch

  1. See, sometimes when people say “SOL1 is great because it is calming”, will work for some shows. For Flying Witch, it isn’t enough. Flying Witch essentially captures the true essence of what a Slice of Life show should be like. Yes, it should be relaxing and yes, it should be calming. However there should be surprises, things that keep you engaged. Flying Witch does this by introducing concepts that at first surprise you, and would seem like a point of drama, but instead weaves it in such a way that it feels natural. One such example is when Makoto starts off casually saying that normal people tend not to know about witches because they tend to not talk to others outside their community about them and so-
    and then just clapping a hand over her mouth. At this moment, watchers might be going “OH SHIT WHAT’s GOING TO HAPPEN?!” because it seems that makoto’s friend doesn’t fit in as someone who would be told about witches. But then she proceeds to say there is nothing wrong about knowing, and relaxing the previously built up tension, creating an even greater amount of relaxation that if it were just explained normally. This is just one of many reasons why it is a great slice of life. The merging of a mystical view of witches and normalcy creates just enough differences for the perfect amount of tension and relief.


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