Review: Kiznaiver


Ahh, Trigger. Making good shows out of some of the weirdest concepts is something that I hope continues through their career.

While Kiznaiver was less noticable then shows like Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill, it definitely had it’s own sweet place in the Spring 2016 anime season.

First things first…


What the fuck is that thing. A huge head with googly eyeballs, and the Kiznaiver scar across

Of course Studio Trigger is going to do this, what is Studio trigger if they don’t add a sense of ridiculousness to their anime ON TOP of a already quite extreme concept. At the very least they have moved away from the facial design that is the talking robots and talking shirts of the previous, more famous shows.

Onto the actual review!

A short summary of the concept is that their is a project going on to try to connect people together by pain, so whenever someone is harmed, the pain is spread across everyone involved. The goal of the project to create world peace as they believe that through this, people will be able to understand each other on a deeper level. If everyone understands each other, then there will be peace!

In this scenario, they gather a group of semi-related children from a school with conflicting personalities, and each representing one of the seven sins. They are linked together through their pain and then put through a series of trials that span a majority of the episodes. They go on to build their bonds through this system as the continue to tread through the trials.

At this point I do not want to spoil too much more so I’m going to talk about my opinion on the general anime.

The story for this anime progresses smoothly. Quickly enough that nothing seems repetitive, but also explained clearly enough so that the audience isn’t really confused (despite the rather extreme concept). They don’t go through the typical exposition crap, but rather explains what needs to be known at the beginning through actions. Then it provides the scale, purpose, and history of the experiment slowly over the rest of the episodes, letting you know more about what you think you didn’t need to know, but creates a complete image and understanding at the end of the show.

The nature of the show also requires each of the characters to reveal more about themselves (though mostly unwillingly) to both the rest of the cast and to the audience. Later resulting in having each character come to their own little revelation about what they want, and what they have gained from this experience.

The animation in this show is actually quite tame for Trigger. Despite the ridiculousness of the mascot shown in the picture above, everything else about the scenes, settings, characters, and (coughcough) clothing were pretty normal (except for one guy, you either already know or will know who I’m talking about). Unfortunately, those mascots are seen maybe a little bit too often throughout the show and therefore consistently presents a level of ridiculousness to the viewer.

OP was enjoyable to listen to, and I didn’t listen to the ED very much. But like I said in another review, I’m not exactly qualified to give a proper opinion on music.

Overall, I would personally recommend this to anyone who doesn’t mind or even enjoys the slightly more ridiculous side of the anime medium. While also presenting more of a drama comedy rather than an action.

A similar show to this I would say is Kokoro connect, as a group of people have to go through a set of random trials that solidify the bonds between them. If you enjoy a show like this I would at least give Kiznaiver a try, and hopefully enjoy the twists that they’ve applied to the same idea.
























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