Review: New Game!


Oh man, coming back from the dead once again. Honestly, I’ve been saying that a lot… but this time I’m actually releasing something.

So to start off with the reviews of this season, here is my take on the “cute girls doing cute things” series of the season! New Game!

I would like to start by talking about the Studio behind this anime, because to most people it is not a studio that would stand out to most. The studio’s name is Doga Kobo, and despite the fact that it sounds rather unofficial, it’s a studio that has released some very interesting shows.

Though simply looking through the list of shows that they have done, it would seem obvious that as New Game’s 4-koma manga got more popular that they would inevitably pick up this show.

Some other shows that fit the style of “cute girls doing cute things”…. is a large portion of the shows that they have made. This includes shows such as Himouto Umaru-chan, Yuru Yuri , Mikakunin de Shinkoukei, GJ-bu, and Love Lab. Though in each of these shows they each had their own… “extreme”… aspects to them.

New Game! on the other hand is one of the simpler and more relaxing shows that they have made.

As a brief overview of the “story” behind this anime, it’s about a girl, Aoba, who enters a game company as a character designer out of high-school. Mysteriously (it’s even mentioned in the anime), all the employees, get along with each other, and are cute as fuck.


This is Aoba-chan.

Nothing extremely out of line happens, just snippets of conversation between the girls during break time, or the little interactions that happen between characters. Because this originated it from a 4-koma manga, most of the interactions are short and sweet.

The animation quality of this show is solid for the type of show. Nothing stands out as bad, but due to the nature of the show, neither can the animation quality be amazing. I would like to mention though that despite watching the show over the past few months, I haven’t caught anything that was off on any of the characters. Each of the characters have been animated well and the motions are representative of their character.

The OP for the anime is pretty catchy in my opinion, though not exactly something I would actively go out of my way to listen to (On the other hand, I don’t really do that for any music). The video though, is not something that I would watch in public, because it’s pretty much a 1 minute 30 second video displaying the girls in the cast. Though honestly speaking, watching any anime in public nowadays might harbor quite a bit of judgement from other people, even if silent.

My personal opinion on this show is that I’m glad that a studio took the time to animate it. I had been reading the manga for quite a while before they announced the anime and was looking forward to it. While it really didn’t add anything, it was refreshing to see them move in front of me, and get a good “cute girls doing cute things” anime this season.

I would relate this kind of show to something like K-ON, where it’s neither extremely absurd, but neither does anything really get done. So if you liked K-ON, then I would personally recommend this show to you as well.



P.S. One thing that I would like to mention though.


What is this… bullshit, an internship at a (supposedly) popular game company with ZERO EXPERIENCE… AS A FLYER! What is this.









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